Awards and Recognition

Grade 12 Gator Award

The Gator Award is the most comprehensive award offered at WGSS and this year will be awarded to the Grade 12 student who has best embodied the spirit of excellence, commitment and teamwork in a variety of areas within the school over their five years at WGSS.

  • Announced orally at year-end graduation ceremony.
  • Winner is honoured and remembered on a plaque displayed across from main office.
  • Staff nominate potential candidates using an online form.
  • Staff committee determines winner.

Exemplary Student Award

Walnut Grove staff, using individual or department criteria, select the one student in each of their classes that they believe to be their exemplary or top student. Those that are selected and honoured might not necessarily have the highest mark in the class but rather have outstanding work habits, overcome adversity, and/or have an extreme passion for the subject.

  • Staff must limit themselves to one recipient per class.
  • Teachers are responsible for passing their own certificates within their classes.
  • Some departments or teachers have taken to hosting lunchtime celebrations for groups of winners.
  • Exemplary Students are photographed and honoured in our Gator newsletter and on the school’s various social media platforms.
  • Staff also have the option of recognizing and celebrating Unsung Heroes who have gone above and beyond
  • Staff can also acknowledge the most diligent and hard working student in the class with the Gator Hard Hat effort certificate.

*Grade 12 Exemplary student awards and certificates will be revealed and recognized at our grad ceremony and not in class as is the case with Grade 8-11s. Grade 12 winners will be celebrated and acknowledged orally, certificates will be placed in students’ grad folder, and teachers are encouraged to be on stage if possible when the student crosses.

Principal’s List

This highly prestigious and exclusive list includes those grade 10-12 students that have have 90% and above in their English course, as well as four other additional classes (excluding Capstone/CLC). Our Principal’s List is calculated using only courses that are taken at WGSS in the current school year. We base our list off of students’ final marks as they appear on the June report card. Grade 12s who qualify will be honored at the graduation ceremony and will receive a gold cord to visually acknowledge their accomplishment. Student Aid/Peer Mentoring courses do not factor into the Principal’s List calculation. Grade 10s and 11s will receive their certificate at the beginning of the following school year as we celebrate together in our school’s foyer. View the 2020-21 recipients.

  • Administration, counselling, and office staff use report card data to calculate those that will be honored

Contribution and School Service Awards

We feel that it is important to honour those students that go the extra mile for their school and for those in the community. This award recognizes those students that go above and beyond to assist staff beyond normal classroom activities and responsibilities. This may include students that participate in school clubs, push school initiatives, or participate in school assemblies.

  • Staff are asked to nominate students for these awards, but student can also nominate themselves. Ms. Hoodikoff has generously offered to tabulate and track the contributions of various students once staff have submitted their information sheets.
  • Certificates will then be printed and presented in the appropriate English classroom.

Please note that the efforts of a Student Aide and work associated with a specific class do not generally qualify or count towards contribution hours.

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