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Administration Staff

 First NameLast NamePositionEmail
Ms.EliseRehnbyVice Principal - A to
Ms.LorrieBurnhamVice-Principal - H -
Mr.SeanJuteauVice Principal - O to

School Counsellors

First NameLast NamePositionEmailWebsite
Ms. A.RuffoCounsellor - Grade 8aruffo@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling
Ms. D.KifiakCounsellor - Grade 9 -12 - A to Gdkifiak@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling
Ms. R.TwemlowCounsellor - Grade 9 - 12 - H - L (Tu, W, Th)rtwemlow@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling
Mr. I.AdrianCounsellor - Grade 9 - 12 - H - L (M)iadrian@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling
Ms. D.SeymourCounsellor - Grade 9 -12 - M to P - (M, Tu, Th, F)dseymour@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling
Ms. S.DochertyCounsellor - Grade 9 -12 - Q to Zsdocherty@sd35.bc.caWgss Counselling


Adrian, Mr. I.Counselling (H - L)
Alatrash, Ms.
Anastasiou, Ms. A.French
Anderson, Ms.
Angell, Mr. M.Fine
Armstrong, Ms. D.Sciencedarmstrong@sd35.bc.caWebsite
Baker, Ms. L.English/
Balzarini, Mr.
Barberis, Ms. C.Socials/
Bay, Ms. M.Career
Bertoia, Mr. C.PHE/
Beskau, Ms.
Beston, Ms.
Bhandal, Ms.
Block, Ms. D.Socialsdblock@sd35.bc.c
Block, Ms. S.English/Student
Boehm, Ms.
Boswell, Ms.
Bottoni, Ms. M.Fr. Immersion/
Bryant-Taneda, Ms. J.English/Socials/
Burrows, Ms.
Carnrite, Ms.
Castro, Ms.
Chan, Mr.
Cotton, Ms.
Dahl, Mr. R.Automotive/
Daniwall, Ms. S.Business
Davis, Mr. S.ISP
Dickson, Mr. J.Socials/Tech
Docherty, Ms. S.Counselling (Q-Z)
Dueck, Ms. B.ELL/
Edge, Mr. J.Home
Epting, Ms. T.Home
Erdos, Ms.
Fast, Ms.
Favaro, Mr.
Fawkes, Mr. S.Fine
Ferguson, Mr. D.PHE/
Fiset, Mr.
Fleming, Mr. A.Computers/
Gibson, Ms.
Gordon, Mr. S.Fine
Griesbeck, Mr.
Hanlon, Mr.
Harradine, Ms. M.Science/
Henderson, Ms.
Hendricks, Mr. C.Fine
Heuving, Mr.
Hoodikoff, Ms.
Janzen, Mr.
Jefferson, Ms.
Johnson, Ms. M.Fine
Kelly, Ms. B.English/Socials/
Kifiak, Ms. D.Counselling (A-G)
Kim, Ms.
Knodel, Mr. G.Math/
Kochhar, Mr.
Kurrein, Ms.
Laine, Mr. A.English/
LeBlanc, Mr. M.Tech
Lee, Ms. S.Home
Leonard, Ms.
Lincke, Mr. P.ELL/
Lindsay, Ms.
Lutes, Mr.
MacNaughton, Ms.
Marsland, Ms.
Martens, Mr. D.Computers/
Matson, Ms.
McEachern, Mr.
McGinn, Mr.
McGough, Ms.
McGovern, Mr.
McKay, Mr. D.Tech
McKay, Ms.
Meshen, Ms. D.Textiles/Home
Miller, Mr. A.Science/
Miller, Ms. S.English/
Millington, Ms.
Moslinger, Mr. R.Tech
Nesbitt, Ms.
Neuscheler, Ms. U.Socials/
Norman, Ms. K.Fine Arts/
O'Dell, Ms.
Oppenlander, Ms.
Osiname, Ms.
Paterson, Ms.
Potvin, Ms.
Radford, Mr.
Rahn, Mr.
Rizzo, Ms.
Robinson, Ms.
Ruffo, Ms. A.Counselling (Gr. 8) W, Th,
Salter, Mr. A.PHE/Social Studies/
Scotton, Mr. W.Tech
Sedo, Mr. D.Business
Seymour, Ms. D.Counselling (M-P) M, Tu, Th,
Sharkey, Ms.
Sommerville, Mr. C.English/
Stam, Ms.
Stead, Mr.
Stephenson, Mr.
Stubbings, Ms. A.Career
Taylor, Mr. R.PHE/
Touzeau, Mr.
Trampleasure, Mr.
Tucker, Ms.
Twemlow, Ms. R.Counselling (H - L) Tu, W,
Viefhues, Ms.
Vissers-Hein, Ms.
Werner, Mr. D.Math/
Wilson, Mr. S.PHE/

Support Staff

Ms. S. BartellSpecial Education
Ms. S. BeaudryAboriginal Support
Ms. I. BennettSpecial Education
Ms. A. BereczkiScience
Ms. G. BiggsEducation
Ms. S. BlackburnSpecial Education
Ms. C. ChorneyOffice Assistant
Ms. J. CookeSpecial Education Assistant
Ms. L. CoulthurstAdmin Assistant
Ms. T. EnnsSpecial Education Assistant
Ms. L. GambaSpecial Education
Ms. E. GaterellSpecial
Ms. B. HalmeSpecial
Ms. C. HomfeldSpecial Education
Ms. J. JohnsonSpecial Education Assistant
Mr. T. KennedySpecial Education
Ms. J. KhatkerSpecial Education
Ms. N. KozlovicSpecial Education
Ms. D. LarsenSpecial Education Assistant
Mr. A. LawsonSpecial Education
Ms. N. MacInnesSpecial Education Assistant
Ms. A. MathesonSpecial Education
Ms. C. McGeeCareer
Ms. L. MichaudSpecial Education
Ms. F. RenoufYouth Care Worker
Ms. A. SargeantEducation System Software Coordinator
Ms. R. ShakOffice
Ms. S. SpainSpecial Education Assistant
Ms. C. SteinSpecial Education
Ms. S. TahirSpecial Education
Ms. T. WalkerSpecial Education Assistant
Ms. R. WrightPC1 Cafeteria
Ms. N. YamaokaEducation Assistant  

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