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Walnut Grove is located just east of one of Canada’s most popular metropolitan cities, Vancouver, and is one of the most desirable municipalities to live in. Walnut Grove Secondary is a part of the Langley School District and offers high quality education programs. The Langley School District has one of the highest graduation rates in the province of British Columbia. Walnut Grove has the amenities of a larger city, but the friendliness and safety of a smaller community.

The Langley School District has 42 fully accredited government schools and well developed pathways to post-secondary education in Canada and the United States.


A few highlights of what Walnut Grove Secondary can offer students are:

1. A world class education at all levels, supported by a strong ELL program.
2. A safe, friendly, English-speaking city.
3. A leading tourist destination providing unparalleled outdoor activities year round.
4. Dedicated international student services including supervised homestay, Canadian university
placement advising, transition services, and academic support.
5. High academic standards
6. University and college entrance programs
7. Study in an English language setting
8. A wide variety of courses
9. An opportunity to learn alongside Canadian students
10. One of the highest student achievement rates in the province of British Columbia for the
past six (6) years

Our students have access to all the subjects in the British Columbia curriculum including all core academic subjects, online education, outdoor education, and the fine arts.

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