French Immersion


Bienvenue en immersion française à l’Ecole Secondaire Walnut Grove.

We welcome some 260 students from grades 8-12 in a thriving and successful French Immersion program. Immersion is challenging and hard work, designed for students who wish to develop functional bilingualism through completing high school course work in French.  Grade eights have 50% of course work in French, gradually tapering down to 20% in grade 12. Whether from early or late immersion or coming to us from Langue Première, our students are among the most successful in the school. Strong friendships are formed in a close-knit group involved in academics, music, sports and the community.  French Immersion students are consistently among top scholarship winners and successful applicants to local post secondary institutions. The stated goal of French immersion in BC is to enable students to go on to work or study in French. Many do so in Francophone regions, become parliamentary pages, Rotary winners, international au pairs, even sommeliers and travel specialists.

A vos succès!



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