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Counselling and Careers Department at WGSS assists students in their developmental journey through their academic, career, personal and social challenges. The WGSS Counselling Team works closely with students, staff, parents, and the community with the goal of helping students develop the qualities they need to become self-reliant, responsible individuals.

Counsellors also provide assistance with program planning, timetable concerns, post-secondary and scholarship information, as well as information on alternate programs such as summer school and distance education. We have access to a wide range of community services, and can assist in suggesting resources for families, parents and students who need on-going counselling or therapy.

Our Career Advisor helps students (and their families) to explore occupational options, volunteer opportunities, and dual-credit programs (e.g. Secondary School Apprenticeship, ACE-IT Programs and work experience).  Our Grade 9-12 Counsellors assist students with ensuring they meet graduation requirements and entrance requirements for the post-secondary programs they are considering pursuing after high school.

Students can and are encouraged to make appointments by stopping by the Counselling Centre, located across the hall from the main office or stopping in at the Career Centre, located across from the Counselling Centre.   Parent inquiries are also welcomed by e-mail or phone messages.  Parents may also book appointments to see a Counsellor through the main office (604.882.0220).

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Grade 8Ms. H. Balfour (M-T)
Ms. A. Ruffo (W-F)
Loc. 236
Grade 9 – 12     A-GMs. D. Kifiak – Dept. Headdkifiak@sd35.bc.caLoc. 237
Grade 9 – 12     H – LMr. I. Adrian (M)
Ms. R. Twemlow (T/W/Th)
Loc. 272
Loc. 290
Grade 9 – 12    M – PMs. D. Seymour – (M,T,Th,F)dseymour@sd35.bc.caLoc. 238
Grade 9 – 12    Q – ZMs. S. Dochertysdocherty@sd35.bc.caLoc. 235


Career AdvisorMs. C. McGeecmcgee@sd35.bc.caLoc. 277
Computer OperatorMs. K. Ethier – Transcripts/Appointmentskethier@sd35.bc.caLoc. 234
Computer OperatorMs. A. Sargeant  – Graduationasargeant@sd35.bc.caLoc. 223

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