CLC 11/Capstone 12

The Capstone is a culminating project, presentation, or performance that allows students the opportunity to consolidate and showcase the learning from the school and life experience into a meaningful and relevant product.  Students will use innovation, cross-curricular knowledge, and critical thinking skills in an area of interest as the basis for the project, which is applicable to a real world concept.

Career Life Connections (CLC) 11 STUDENT RESOURCES





The deadline for the Capstone project will be January 21, 2022.

Students will be required to complete a final presentation of their Capstone project. These presentations will take place the week of January 24-28, 2022.  Students will be asked to reflect upon the process required to complete their project, successes and learning they are proud of in relation to their project, as well as obstacles they encountered and overcame.

Capstone 12 Portfolio Proposals & Journal Info

Capstone Grading Breakdown

  • Proposal: 10%
  • Journals: 25% (5 best journals @ 5% each)
  • FInal Project: 40%
  • Final Presentation: 10%
  • Final Reflection: 15%

Journal Entry Dates

Journal entries should represent approximately 6 hours of time put into your Capstone and must be submitted by the following deadlines.  If you are progressing quicker than the standard schedule, ensure your journal entries reflect an entry every 6 hours.  Please number each of your journals.   

  • Students must submit at least 5 weekly progress journals

Journals not submitted by teacher-listed deadlines will not be accepted and will receive a 0 grade.

Capstone Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Capstone Project take?

Capstone project time is a minimum of 40 hours devoted to the planning, execution, and analysis.

When do the 40 hours officially start?

As soon as the proposal is approved, the 40 hours can start to be tallied.

Can I do a Capstone with a partner? If so, if we meet for an hour, is that considered shared time or can it be one hour each?

Yes, if the nature of the Capstone Project can justify 2 people (discuss with your teacher advisor), then you can work with another individual.  If you meet for an hour, that should be listed as 1.0 hour total (ie. 30minutes each).

Can students use Capstone class time to interview people in the community and meet with community mentors?

Yes, however, this must be approved by your parents and Capstone teacher.  Your parents will need to “release you” from class by calling the school.  They should also email your Capstone teacher to inform them of what is happening.

How detailed is a research paper?

Although many factors will affect this, the research paper is designed to emulate a University-level paper, so 12 pages.

Can mentors and teacher help design things and create logos/company names?

No.  The idea would is that you must do everything on your own. They can ask for advice or mentorship, but not actual, tangible work.

Can I ask to join another class during my study block so that teacher can help me and I can use resources in that room?

Generally, the answer is no, however it will depend on the teacher in question. The teacher is probably teaching another class and won’t have time to help you. That said, IF a teacher signs off on letting you in, that would be at their discretion.

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