Timetable Update – Sep. 1

Posted: September 1, 2021

September 1, 2021

Dear Students and Families:

Thank you for your patience as we have been continuing to work on the timetable and student schedules. This past week we have added several classes to help us complete our timetable. Our hope was that we would be able to publish student timetables today. We are not yet ready to publish timetables and I ask for your continued patience as we aim to complete the timetable before the end of this week.

We know that students and families are anxious to see their timetables and we​ understand this delay will be disappointing. ​Adjustments are still being made and therefore, we want to be able to give students the most accurate copy.  This can be confusing for students when they think they have one timetable, only to see it changed for the start of school.

We will publish student timetables before the end of day on Friday, September 3rd. I thank you in advance for your continued patience with us.

A couple of notes about student timetables:

  • Counsellors are diligently working on completing student timetables. As such, they are not going to be able to respond to individual inquiries until after timetables are published.
  • We have had increased enrolment for this school year. As such, many of our courses are full. Therefore, we ask that students and families are mindful of the following:
    • Elective course changes will not be entertained until the second week of school.  ​Student will be able to request an elective change after the first day of classes.
    • Many elective blocks are full and in most grades, core classes are also full, which makes changes difficult to accommodate.
    • Students need to attend ALL classes that are scheduled in their timetable. We do not want students to assume that a change will be possible, when it may not be and we do not want students to fall behind in any of their classes.

Thank you again for your continued patience. We are looking forward to welcoming students back to school next week.

J. Lyndon

Walnut Grove Secondary

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