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Sci Teachers



From The Dept

The science department at WGSS is second to none.  We have a group of dedicated teachers here who will push your limits of understanding of our natural world and beyond.  From honours and AP courses to specialty topics found in very few schools, you can study here and come away with a knowledge of the sciences and how it relates to the world you live in. 

Here you will dissect a squid then eat it.  You will draw on desks to understand cell division.  You will run computer simulations to explore the world of physics. You will explore the cosmos and see space like never before.  You will see desks on fire and balloons exploding.  The experiences you get here will be rich and memorable.  Your eyes will be opened to the tiniest of the sub-atomic world, the microscopic realm of single-celled organisms, the forms of matter at our finger tips, the workings of this planet and others, the astronomical in size and distance and the forces that govern them, and even the darkest of matter that we can't see but know is there.

Study science with us, and launch yourself into a future where the mysterious becomes known.