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• Assignments are expected to be completed during class time; regular attendance is directly related to student success
• All assignments are accepted for full marks until the reporting deadline (interim or end of term), most assignments handed in after the reporting deadline are treated as part of an "I Package" and are accepted for a maximum of 50%. Assignments that cannot be handed in after the deadline have been clearly indicated to students.
• Assignments fall into two categories: 1) tutorials and practice exercises 2) projects.  The first are marked as completion activities with students receiving 100% for successfully completing the activity. Projects have a set of clearly defined critieria. Meeting these criteria earns the student a B. To achieve a higher grade, students need to apply learned skills in new ways and combinations or, through experimentation or tutorials they find themselves, show skill with aspects of the programs not directly taught in class.

Computer Use Policies 

  •  No food or drink ia allowed at any of the computer workstations.
  •  Labs are open before and after school 4-5 days a week, labs are closed at lunch.
  •  Labs are to be used for school related work only (not playing games, e-mail, Facebook, etc)
  • These are public computers. No software should be installed on any computer that is not directly related to a school assignment. If you have any doubt ask the teacher.
  •  Each student is given storage space on the school server; this space is for school related files only.No games, music, videos, etc. for personal use, Misuse could result in loss of server storage space
  • The school has limited bandwidth. Do not download torrents or large files or stream music.