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Mr. Balzarini uses a variety of online resources with students and parents... click on the screenshots below to check them out!

Eric Balzarini,  B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Teacher & Math Department Head

email:  ebalzarini@sd35.bc.ca

twitter:  follow @ebalzarini

youtube:  www.youtube.com/ebalzarini


Mr. B's YouTube Videos

Live class lecture screencasts and pre-recorded math concept videos.

Mr.B on YouTube

Mr. B uses Edmodo

Edmodo is the communication hub for students, and even parents! 

Mr. B uses Edmodo

Mr. B's Documents

A variety of resources. Some are password protected... ask Mr. B for access.

Course Documents

Grade Reports

Keep tabs on how you're doing... updated regularly.

Grade Reports

Online Graphing Tool

Fantastic, easy to use web-based graphing software.

Graphing on desmos.com

BC Min. of Ed. site**

Helpful resources for preparing for the Math 10 provincial exam.

BC Min of Ed exam site


 **Search page 1:  check the bubbles for 'Grade 10', 'English', and 'Agree'

**Search page 2:  check the box for 'Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10' as the course


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