Sra. Rizzo WGSS Feb 2014

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Ms. Rizzo and Mr. Favaro plan to take gr. 10 and 11 students next year on Exchange to Spain

Travel to the city of Valencia on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, south of Barcelona.

(No need to take / know Spanish.) 

WGSS students will host here: Fall 2014

WGSS students will travel to Valencia: Spring 2015

Interested but didn't attend Wednesday's meeting? Come get the info from Rm. 252. In the meantime, click here for the "Happy" video showing Valencia.

Some yellow forms were collected - still missing some.

** $500.00 deposit cheques & Registration Package to be handed in to room 252 **

FAQ that has come up recently: "What happens to our cheque if the trip is cancelled?"

Answer: We don't cash the cheque until we know the trip is "on" and we will return the cheque should it be cancelled. 

Here is a map of Spain showing "Valencia" in orange

It is 3.5 hours from Barcelona and 4 hours from Madrid. 








 Spanish 10 and 11 students: Scroll down to the "purple basket" for homework

Parents: Interims were handed to students Friday, Jan 24th.  I was here for interviews Jan.30th

Students: Did you go on Christmas vacation early? You have to write the following missed test:

 Spanish 10 "Half Unit" Test (5A) was Tues. Dec. 17th. Study:

  1. p.268 (left side only - all description adjectives and nouns)
  2. all 12 tener expressions (binder notes) 
  3. how to conjugate a "shoe" (stem-changing) verb. I will provide the codes. (e-ie, o-ue, e-i)

Spanish 11 4B Unit Test was Tues. Dec. 17th. Study:

  1. p.234
  2. blue imperfecto sheet (both regular and irregular endings),
  3. when to use "se" and "nos" in front of a verb (we use them when an action is done to each other) like "ellos se besan" (they kiss each other), "nosotros nos saludamos" (we say hi to each other), "Ellos se casan" (they marry each other)

I am at school Days 2,4,6 & 8 (usually until 4:00pm)

I will not be at school Days 1,3,5, or 7. A French teacher is using our room (Mme. Castro)


Don't know what topics we're covering in class? Want to practice vocab along with your son/daughter?

 Spanish 10 parents: Haz clic aquí.

Spanish 11 parents: Haz clic aquí 

Please email me at if you wish to know your child's grade. I can attach their latest progress report.

On Twitter, I am @srarizzo252.  Generally, I retweet about themes/grammar/world events we discuss in class. Mostly I follow Spanish-speaking news agencies, sports figures and other educators that have to do with español or WGSS. Unfortunately, not everything I tweet is visible in the side bar here (i.e. when I "quote a tweet" it is only visible on Twitter - not here).


Spanish 10 students:

Keep scrolling down for homework + extra assignments. 

Textbook link here   for review & practice


HOMEWORK     listed here

Homework due Thursday, Feb. 27th

All classes: Bring textbook and binder to "make up day" so you have reference materials if you need them.

Grade 11s: Block 2-1 You will have your "real" quiz on Emergency room vocabulary Tuesday, March 4th.  All Grade 11s: Finish facebook page for your character in "En el tiempo de las Mariposas."


Hwk was due Tues. Feb. 25

Grade 11s: Block 2-2: Quiz on Emergency Room nouns (cast, bandage, wheelchair, medicine, needle, stitches, nurse, pain, pills ...)

Grade 10s: Just keep up with vocab for Unit 6. We are continuing activities about the movie "Sugar" in class.


Hwk was due Thurs. Feb 20

Grade 10s: Quiz on Commands. Study the 2 sheets in your binder. Can you tell a friend/family member to do something in Spanish?  How would you tell your sibling: Wash the dishes! Mow the lawn! Leave my room! Go downstairs!

If you see a "Keep Calm" poster - would be be able to figure out what verb they were telling you to do?

Remember -ar verbs end in "a" and -er verbs end in "e" There are 8 exceptions: (ser), Ve (ver), Di (decir), Ten (tener), Ven (venir), Sal (salir), Haz (hacer), and Pon (poner) are all irregular.





Hwk was due Fri Feb 14

Grade 11s - Study for the quiz on Friday: Memorize "B.O.S.S.I." reasons why we would use the pretérito past tense (é, aste, ó, amos, aron) or (í, iste, ió, imos, ieron) or (fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron)

(Head's up: Your weekend homework will be to memorize the 2nd acronym on the page - W.A.T.E.R.L.O.A.D.S. for the Tuesday quiz)

Grade 10s:

Block 2-3 - You had a double block Feb. 7th so your "Reglas Para Tener Éxito" poster is due this Friday.

Block 2-4: You will have until Tuesday to finish your "Reglas Para Tener Éxito" poster - you have a double this Friday (Feb. 14th) so you may even get a chance to finish in class.


Hwk was due Fri, Feb 7

Grade 11s: Study p. 288 for body parts (codo, cuello, hombro, tobillo, rodilla, espalda, muñeca, músculo, hueso) P.S. It's assumed you know the grade 9/10 vocab - cabeza, mano, brazo, pierna, estómago, pie, pelo, ojos, boca

Edge students and those away Jan. 30th and/or Feb 3rd: You missed a reading assignment worth a lot of marks for Term 2.  It is open book and binder (no phone, no dictionary). Remember to make this up before end of Term 2.

Hwk was due Wed Feb 5

Grade 10s: Study p. 294 colours (p. 273 is good if you prefer pictures).  Know what the word means and how to spell them en español.

Grade 11s Nothing. One block watched the documentary on Chile, the other block did the reading assignment that took all block (you will switch Monday).

Hwk was due Tues Jan 14

Grade 11s: Memorize these 12 verbs for for 2nd Flashcard Quiz: 

  • 2 weather verbs: llover & nevar (you should already know these from grade 9)
  • 9 new Verbs: apagar, destruir, esconder, gritar, llamar (a la policía), rescatar, subir/bajar, and quemar
  • "asleep" =  "dormido"

Grade 10s: Study restaurant vocab for your Big Quiz Thursday, Jan. 16th (2nd half of small Unit 5B Test)




Hwk was due Fri Jan 10

Grade 11s: Study 9 new words from page 262 (link here) :

  • Two ways to say "There was": "Hubo" & "Había" (2 marks)
  • Seven vocab words: explosión, inundación, tormenta, huracán, incendio, terremoto & humo

Block 2-4 (Grade 10s) Study the 10 words to set a table on page 268 (vaso, taza, cuchillo, cuchara, tenedor, plato, servilleta, azúcar, sal, pimienta, menú) (link here)

Hwk was due Mon Nov 4

Same as below. We spent the whole class doing "Día de Muertos" activities so you have more time to hand in what was due Thursday. Hand in rough compositions for all grades. No good copies are due yet. Grade 11s - don't forget about your term 1 bonus ideas.  Excellent job to the students who have already done this (Emilia, Rebecca & Shayla)!

Hwk was due Thurs Oct 31

Grade 10s The rough draft of your compostion (60 words min.) is due Thurs. Many students finished already in class. FYI: The next step is to bring a picture of the family you wrote about (A B&W print out is fine. You can glue it on in class). You'll use the blank piece of paper (good copy paper).  Don't forget the title "La mejor familia" or "La peor familia."

Grade 11s: We will continue to work on your first term composition. There will be no good copy.  Just your original work that I will look at and edit with a pencil. You can then fix any mistakes on the same paper. Unless your writing is illegible, no one will need to rewrite. Thursday, bring eraser or white out for your changes

Grade 11s: Start thinking about your Term 1 bonus options presented in class in October.

Note:  Remember that Bonus Activity is related to Dia de los Muertos only. No craft/food related to Halloween (i.e. no witches, no black cats, no vampires, no scary skeletons, no bloody or gross items.) Also, although activities for this holiday take place at the end of this week (Nov. 1st & 2nd), you can have until last day of Term 1 to bring any craft or baking from home. Enjoy!

Hwk was due Tues Oct 29

No homework over your long weekend.


Hwk was due Thurs Oct 24


Grade 10s Block 2-3 Memorize description of 2 relatives. Bring or email (will be shown on big screen) photos of these 2 family members. You will give me your cue card so I can help you if you get stuck  (i.e. don't remember what to say next)

Also, finish the 2 sentences (sheet I handed out at the end of class) about "Mi madre..." and "Mi padre..." using page 268 (is tall, is short, is old, is young, has hair blond, has hair grey, has hair brown, has hair black, is (a) redhead) and page 70 (athletic, artisitic, daring)

Block 2-4 No homework. We will continue our PBS Documentary "Brown is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream" Thursday in class.

Grade 11s We will FINALLY get to those memorized presentations Thursday! Thank you to the students who wanted to "get it over with" and already presented separately to me at lunch and after school.


Hwk was due Tues, Oct 22

Grade 11s  Memorize childhood description (on cue card).  If we run out of time, and you prefer to do it anyway, you can present after school or at lunch (this way you don't have to present in front of the class).

Grade 10s  Block 2-4 Memorize description of 2 relatives. Bring or email (will be shown on big screen) photos of these 2 family members. BLock 2-3 will do this Thursday, Oct. 24th instead.

Hwk was due Fri, Oct 18

Grade 10s Test Next Day!! *

  1. Study all vocab page 244 vocab (birthday parties, family members).
  2. Know the vocab words mi, tu, su, and nuestro. 
  3. Know when to add an "s" (and when not to) to the words above
  4. The test assumes you know the verb "tener" from last year.Take a moment to review if you forgot. 

* Your "Mi" familia project is not due until Tuesday, October 22nd.

Grade 11s Memorize your mini presentation (on your cue card)  for Tuesday, October 22nd.

Long Weekend hwk was due Wed Oct 16

Grade 11s: Study for your test next class. Know the past imperfect (blue sheet, p. 194, & p.196).  Memorize the vocab from page 208. Practice using the link page. They have "fill in the blank" activities you can try at your computer. Study with your mini flashcards.  ¡Suerte!

Grade 10s: Your test is Friday.  It would be a good idea to start reviewing your vocab from page 244 (family, bday parties). Your "Mi" familia mini project will not be due until Tuesday, October 22nd.


Homework was due Fri Oct. 11

Block 2-1 Quiz on "tener" - same quiz block 2-2 had Wednesday. Please see below. Know the difference between past imperfect and the present.

Block 2-3 Quiz on possessives - see below as block 2-4 already wrote this quiz. Know how to use mi(s), tu(s), su(s) and nuestro(a)(s)

Hwk was due Wed, Oct 9

Grade 11s: Block 2-2 - quiz on the verb "tener" - recognize the difference between past imperfecto and present tense ("ella tiene" vs. "ella tenía")

Block 2-1 We'll continue the Q & A session with partners in front of the class Wed (starting with Dylan and Ela)

Grade 10s: Block 2-4: Quiz on possessives: mi(s), tu(s), su(s), nuestro(s) Block 2-3 - no quiz since we ran out of time.  We'll have your quiz Friday instead.

Hwk was due Thurs, Oct 3

Grade 11s: Study (blue) sheet on the Past Imperfecto. Know the endings for BOTH regular (aba, abas, aba, ábamos, aban / ía, ías, ía, íamos, ían) and irregular verbs (ir = iba, ibas, iba, íbamos, iban / ser = era, eras, era, éramos, eran).

Grade 10s: Keep studying page 244 on a regular basis. No official homework but your test will be later this month. Review vocab as often as you can (family members, birthday parties, possessive adjectives, and the verb "tener").

Hwk was due Tues. Oct. 1st

Grade 10s Block 2-4: Complete Activity 4 & 5 on page 226. Write answers only. Use page 244 to help you with vocab.

Block 2-3: (went to Terry Fox with Spanish class): Complete 5A-1, 5A-2, 5A-3 and 5A-7 in the stapled "cuaderno."

Grade 11s: Bring two pictures: one of your childhood (baby - grade 7) and one of you now (grade 8 and up) to tape/glue to your "Cuando era bebé/Ahora" page. Start studying for your imperfecto (blue sheet in your binder) quiz Thursday (aba, abas, aba, ábamos, aban) (ía, ías, ía, íamos, ían)  


Hwk was due Fri Sept 27 (Terry Fox Day)

Grade 10s Block 2-3 Before the Terry Fox Run/Walk: You have the family quiz that block 2-4 had Wednesday, scroll down to see more specifics. Study from the sheet called "Los familiares."

All Grade 11s: Quiz on 9 toys and 2 animals from childhood. Study from page 208 or from your flashcards :)

(fish, turtle, teddy bear, rope, doll, blocks ... )

Hwk was due Wed Sept 25

Block 2-4 only: Grade 10s: Vocab quiz on family members (p. 244).  

  • I will give you the same page you filled out in class.
  • You will have to give the English word for 17 different family members (brother / sister / siblings, cousins...) 
  • This is the easier type of quiz since it is vocabulary recognition only (spelling will not count since all answers will be in English).

Hwk was due Mon Sept 23:

Grade 11s: Quiz on 9 verbs. Forgot your text? Click here. They are all on the left side of the page.

Block 2-1 $$$ ¿Tienes el dinero? Mr. Young will be by to collect Terry Fox donations from our block Monday. $$$

Grade 10s Quiz on verbs for page 244, Unit 5A (to decorate, to make a video, to break, to open ...)


Hwk was due Thurs Sept 19:

Grade 11s: 10 complete sentences about what summer activities you USED TO do as a child and WITH WHOM ("Yo comía sandía con mi padre." "Yo iba de camping con mis primos." "Yo jugaba Monopolio con toda mi familia.")

Block 2-2 also has to recite the 10 verbs they used:

  • (Dante, Carl, Miles will start.) 
  • MJK, Nicole, Max, and Orellana already presented.

Grade 10s:

  1. Memorize 9 verbs: tengo, vengo, hago, salgo, pongo, traigo, caigo, oigo, digo (speaking mark)
  2. Cuaderno 4A/B must be handed in Thursday morning. The following must be complete:
  • 4A-1 (all)
  • 4A-2 (1-6)
  • 4A-3 (1-3)
  • 4A-5 (conversations 1&2)
  • 4A-6 (part A)
  • 4B-1 (all)
  • 4B-3 (all)
  • 4B-6 (1-6)

Hwk was due Tues Sept 17:

Grade 11s: Tuesday: Quiz on 5 adjectives: travieso, timido, bien educado, consentido & desobediente.

Grade 10s: Spend time working through your "cuaderno" pages that will be due Thursday.


Hwk due Fri, Sep 13

ALL BLOCKS, ALL GRADES: Bring your 4 binder dividers:

  • Keep
  • Daily Work
  • Culture/Maps
  • Jounal/Tweets



Ignore everything below: It is last year's homework !!

SPEAKING EXAM Tuesday. Be prepared to answer: 

  1. Question #9
  2. Any other random four questions from the list you copied from class Wednesday/Friday. There's a copy of it here in pdf and here in docx and again here in odt formats. Hopefully one will work for you! Suerte!

Preparing for this speaking exam also helps you prepare for the big multiple choice/writing/reading/listening exam Thursday (block 2-2 only) / Monday the 17th (blocks 2-3 and 2-4)

Hwk due Wed, June 5 (given Mon.)

Study for your last Unit Test of the year (8A)!

  • Memorize vocab on page 396 and
  • be able to conjuage -er/-ir verbs in the past tense, (p. 383)
  • be able to conjugate the verb "to go" ("ir") in the past tense (P.385)
  • know where to put the "personal a" in a sentence (between a verb and a person)

Hwk due Mon June 1 (given Thurs)

Study for small quiz on the verb "to go" which is "ir." You need to know how to conjugate it in the past tense (I went, you went, she/he went, we went, they/y'all went). Study p. 385 (yellow box) or p. 396 (your vocab page in a blue box).

Also know how to talk about HOW you can get to your vacation - by bus, by train, by boat, by plane, by car (en coche), and on foot (a pie).

If you have not finished your "¿Adónde fuiste? and ¿Qué hiciste?" assignment, complete this at home (many of you already put it in the purple basket).


Hwk due Thurs, May 30 (given Tues)

Study 11 nouns on page 396: 3 animals (oso, pájaro, mono) and 8 vacation activities (aprender, bucear, descansar, montar a caballo, pasear en bote, comprar recuerdos, tomal el sol, visitar).

Hwk due Tues, May 28 (given Fri)

All blocks: Quiz on past tense endings - this time on -er and -ir verbs

Hwk (long weekend) due Wed, May 22 (given Friday)

Study the 10 vocab words I gave you Friday in class: tren, autobús, avión, barco, lago, pájaro, boleto, parque de diversiones, ciudad y mar. You will have to write out the words with the matching pictures.  Spelling will count.

Also be ready to answer ¿Qué comiste esta mañana? and ¿Qué bebiste esta mañana? (-er verb endings are on p.383)

Hwk due Mon, May 13 (given Tues)

Quiz on Direct Object Pronouns

  • What are the 7 object pronouns? (me, te, lo/la, nos, los/las)
  • Where do they go in a sentence? (before the verb)
  • Can you rewrite this sentence properly?: "I bought a purse." becomes "I bought it." ("Yo compré un bolso." becomes "Yo lo compré.")
  • Can you ANSWER this question properly? "¿Cuándo vas a estudiar el español?"  ("Yo lo voy a estudiar todos los días.") or "¿Viste el partido de los Canucks el domingo pasado?" ("Sí, yo lo vi." / "No, no lo vi.")or ¿Compraste una falda de H&M?" ("Sí, yo la compré." / "No, no la compré.")

Also, reminder of test Wednesday on page 370: shopping vocab, gar/car/zar verbs & direct object pronouns


Hwk due Thurs, May 9 (given Tues.)

Study page 370 - all of left side only.  Your second vocab quiz will be matching vocab (last time you had to produce the words on your own and spell them correctly) only.  However, there are more words to study this time.  Give and take :)

Many students still have to hand in your Spring Break homework.  Please do so ASAP. It is a major mark for Term 3 beside your two Unit Tests.

Your next Unit Test is next Wednesday, May 15th on page 370 (shopping, how to say "it" and "them" and the past tense of gar, car, zar verbs as well as past tense of -er/-ir verbs).


TEST 7A Clothing Unit: Tuesday April 16th.

Study p.342 + NEW past tense endings p.354

Hwk due Wed, April 10

Bring prop(s) for clothing skit. I will have wardrobe and hangers. You'll need the clothing you're talking about. Skit does not have to be memorized but you must be familiar with your lines. You will lose marks if you read your enitre part. ¡Suerte!

Hwk due Tues, Apr 2 (given March 14th)

60 marks!!! Complete your "De vacaciones '13" homework. Due the Tuesday you get back. 

Here are PDF and DOCX versions of your homework sheet here should you forget it (Gasp!) at school.

Hwk due Thurs, Mar 14

Keep up with vocabulary on clothing p.288. Head's up: There will be some homework over Spring break.  I don't ALWAYS give break homework but I am this year. More to come ...

Hwk due Tues, March 11 (given March 8, International Women's Day)

All blocks:  Vocab Quiz p.342 "To talk about clothing" section only. Clothing = ropa

Didn't bring home your text? Haz clic aquí

Look below at a wordle (from Pinterest).  Don't know who the "author" is but the grade 10s know all these words (exceptions: "por" has dozens of meanings and generally follows the word "gracias," and "valor" which they can figure out). 



Hwk due Mon March 4

1) Complete the handout "Research on the 'Red.'"

2) Find any one quote from Roberto Clemente. By Monday's class, email (, tweet (@srarizzo252) or write the quote on the "Research on the 'Red'" sheet. To find a quote, use google, wikipedia, power points, pinterest fan sites etc ...  I know you will find SOMETHING. Below is a biography on him and a statue of him in Pittsburgh. It is in front of the - what else? - Roberto Clemente Bridge.


Test Tues. Feb. 19

Page 294 (Click here for link to exact page)

1. Matching Eng-Span or Picture - Spanish. (things in a bedroom, colours, adjectives to describe something)

2. Understand how to make comparisons (more ... than, less ... than, just ... as; better than/worse than), and how to express that something is "the best" or "the worst"

Page 318 (Click here for link to exact page)

1. Know how to write (and spell) your household chores, "dirty/clean", "near/far"rooms in a home 

2. Know how to make a command (...a, ...e, Haz, Ten, Ven, Sal, Pon, Di, Sé, Ve)  


Hwk due Thurs. Feb. 7th (given Tues)

Block 2-2: Finish "Rules of Life and Travel" advice from Pinterest.  Just look up Sra. Rizzo on Pinterest and find the board on Realidades 1.6A&B. The (colourful) poster is there. What verb does the advice come from?  What does the advice mean?

Block 2-4: QUIZ on chores - first block Thursday :) Know what the Spanish chores mean and know how to fill in the blanks, for example: ____ el césped; _______ la basura; _______ el polvo (spelling will not count - I will give you the matching vocab, you have to put the word in the correct expression (for example: sacar, quitar,cortar)

Block 2-3 No official homework; however, consistently look over/flashcards/quiz yourself over/with vocab on page 318

 Hwk due Tues Feb 5 (given Fri)

All blocks have slightly different homework:

Block 2-3 Quiz on chores (recognize vocab- spelling will not count). Check that 6B1 and 6B2 are complete in cuaderno

Block 2-4 perhaps a pop quiz Tuesday ?!?!? ;) check that 6B1 and 6B2 are complete in cuaderno

Block 2-2 No quiz, just complete pages 6B1 and 6B2 in cuaderno


Hwk due Fri Feb 1 (given Wed)*

Block 2-4 only: FOR HOMEWORK MARKS !! Write out five simple sentences describing your bedroom.  Follow the Spanish model at the top of your page.  What is to the right of the door? Where are there photos? On the wall? Is there a nightstand beside the bed? Is is neat?  What colours are the walls etc... Use page 294 for all vocab (or click this link) or even p. 120 from last year for location words (beside, on top of, in front of ...)

All blocks: Make sure you hand in your USA maps if you have not already done so.  Staple map with intruction page. Map goes on top.

* We are moving into Unit 6B without a formal test on 6A. We are combining these chapters and there will be one assessment for the important concepts at the end of Term 2. 

Hwk due Tues, Jan 22 (given Fri)

All Spanish 10s: Why is this man (Emilio Estefan) important in the music industry? ¿Cómo se llama su esposa?

Hwk due Fri Jan 18 (given Wed)

Memorize tengo, vengo, salgo, hago, pongo, caigo, traigo, oigo, digo for next class

Block 2-4 Colour quiz (p. 273/294)

Xmas holiday hwk bonus was due Jan. 8th

Send me an email or a tweet @srarizzo252 about why there is a tradition to eat 12 grapes at midnight in Spain along with a photo of yourself partaking in this tradition - alone or with others :)



P.S. The drink is grape juice for kids :)

Hwk due Fri Dec 21 (given Wed)

Block 2-4: Memorize tengo, vengo, salgo, hago, pongo, traigo, caigo, oigo, digo

All Spanish 10 Blocks


Hwk for Wed, Dec 19 (given last Tues)


  • Unit 5B Page 268 - writing, listening and reading
  • physical appearance vocab (ex: Es alta. Tiene pelo corto y castaño. Tiene ojos azules. Es una mujer. Es joven.)
  • restaurant vocab (plus know how to work with the verb "faltar" - me falta(n), te falta(n), le falta(n) ...
  • "shoe" / "boot" / "stem-changing" verbs I will ask you to conjugate poder (o-ue) PLUS venir (vengo, vienes, viene, venimos, vienen) will be on your test in a fill-in-the-bank dialogue.

Homework for Monday, December 17th (given Thurs)

1. Skits to be presented Monday!! Be ready! Be familiar with your lines.

2. Also, you need to look into some basic info about Jenni Rivera. What was she known for besides singing? What TYPE of music did she sing? Bring the answers on a small piece of paper (post-it - scrap paper - whatever you can find. Put your name on it for marks)

3. TEST WEDNESDAY!! Be prepared! Study page 268 and binder notes. More specifics are below.

Homework for Fri Dec 7 (given Wed.)

Here is an update since I've been away sick recently: In 2-2 and 2-4 we finished watching the movie that the substitute showed. In 2-3 we started watching The Fifth Estate episode of "Run For Your Life". The link to the show is here. This goes with the theme of Spanish-speakers in the US and immigration from our tex.  We'll be mapping out the topic later in Dec.

Meanwhile, we are finishing our unit on Restaurants and Physical Appearance. You'll be creating and presenting a skit in a restaurant between a waiter and some customers. Again, block 2-3 has started to organize this, 2-2 and 2-4 will do this Friday. You will present the 17th of December.


For Thurs Nov. 29: No class tomorrow but I will be here around 3pm and stay until 4pm to accept/help with last minute work.  Over your long weekend for Monday, Dec. 3rd. Just keep reviewing your vocab: link here

¡Hasta lunes!

Homework due Wednesday, November 28th (given Mon)

Study for Quiz on Physical Appearance vocab: hair; eye colour; tall/short; man/woman; old/young

  • finish page 252 Activity 6 (describing Jorge, Rosalía, Lucía, Maria Elena, Alejandro) as this will help study for the quiz.
  • can you describe someone's hair colour & length? eye colour? height? gender? (man/woman) age? (old/young)?
  •  Use "Él/Ella tiene" or "Él/Ella es" in your sentences.
  • Could you describe the people below if asked (hint! hint!)? Remember that "readheads" are special, grammatically speaking. Emma Stone? What about our Prime and Minister or Sra. Harper? The first female president of Costa Rica - Laura Chinchilla? Miley Cyrus? I will provide height & eye colour.


Homework due Mon, Nov 26 (given Thurs)

Study all terms related to restaurant theme. 

Hwk due Thurs Nov 22 (given Tues)

Quiz /11 on "Shoe" Verbs (Stem Changing Verbs)

Understand the concept of spelling changes in the stem of some verbs.

  • What are the 3 types? (e-ie. o-ue, e-i)
  • When/Where does the spelling change happen? When/Where does it NOT happen?
  • What is the design or drawing you draw around your verb?
  • Study grade 9 verb endings if you don't remember them - it's a "given" that you have already memorized them.

 Hints for quiz Thurs:   

For Shayla (asked for white out in perfect español):

Hwk due Tues Nov 20 (given Fri)

We'll be doing a listening activity with the CD so reviewing your (p.268) vocab before hand will help even though it will be open book. Other than that, no specific homework. 





Complete the "Video" (5B) worksheet and "Dates" worksheet (Wordsearches only but on both sides of page).

Block 2-2 complete the first activity (organize the vocabulary into 3 sections) (use page 268 in textbook): para la mesa, para comer, para beber. 



Día de los Muertos

 Events here in the Lower Mainland to commemorate this day 


Magazine project IS due this Friday. Good copy = 6 pictures, a border, 28 sentences with everything fixed to your best ability: spelling, grammar, and all other criteria met.

FYI: Troubles with "Nada, anaranjada" ? Use "Nada, nada, limonada!" Friday instead.


Here is the link to the lyrics video (fan video - not the "video oficial" that failed to load in class). 

How did we do on the test? Here is a graphic representation of how many students remembered which tener expressions on test day. The bigger the word, the more students remembered the vocab.  Looks like we need to review tener sueño, tener prisa, and tener miedo:

Nos faltan 2 días para el Halloween. Aquí es un video infantil para la fiesta :) ¡Bú! 

Here is a powerpoint of "el mundo del español". We'll make corrections in class during term 1. (Ustedes) necesitan el mapa. ¿Lo tienen? Do you have yours (in your binder)?



Students: Looking for Daily homework?

Scroll Down. Find "Homework" or pic of our purple basket. 

LINKS for homework help!

 Grammar videos here; and Sr. Jordan's You Tube "tontito frito" site here

"Conjuguemos" to help with conjugating verbs: here

Picture dictionary w/ audio (from Spain here and from L. America here)

Word Reference dictionary & forum: here (forum for words not yet in dictionary)

Like magazines? "Hello" from Spain here

"People" magazine en español here

Prefer sports magazines? ESPN Deportes website here.

Prefer news?: CNN en español here or News from Spain: El Mundo here (has radio station linked [here] to the paper) or News from Latin America from El Universal here. Looking for news with Canadian content? Click  here: Radio Canada International.

Like using social media? Just one example (there are hundreds) here of Twitter to help w/ Spanish