Precalculus 12

Downloads that you may find useful:

Trig graph paper for printing (don't use 'scale to fit' setting on your printer).

Trig Functions handout

Logarithms notes : large package         graphing exp and transformations then logs


Websites you may find helpful:






Blank Review Assignments from Term 1:

       Tranformations (others for this term are copyrighted)   

Blank Review Assignments fromTerm 2:

       Trig Functions:  A           C

       Trig Identities:   Proof             Equations


Blank Review Assignments from Term 3:

        Logarithms and Exponentials

        MART (math & art) summative criteria

        Rational Functions and Operations with Functions



For sample questions key click here.


Keys for the six 'Review for Final Exam' packages:

transform        poly        trig functions               trig ID and equations                     logs/exp                 rad/rat   


Copies of the reviews:

transf.           poly.          trig fn          trig Id             log/exp      rat/comp/ops on fn's