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Precalculus 12

Downloads that you may find useful:

Trig graph paper for printing (don't use 'scale to fit' setting on your printer).

Trig Functions handout      Additional text practice for exact values and function graphing.

Keys for Graphing Trig Function notes: 1-9  10-18  19-23  24 - 30

Logarithms notes : large package         graphing exp and transformations then logs


Websites you may find helpful:

Graphing:               CEMC lessons from UWaterloo



Workbooks/practice sites recommended( for those working to excel, not just pass) but NOT required:

 (some found at Chapters, Educational Bookstore in Surrey, online...)

Precalc 12 -Mickelson      Prec 12 Explained!        Abs. Value Pub.        

      UWaterloo course   (goes beyond - if going to Ont.)


emulator for the graphing calculator (doesn't work with mac computers). Download & install to use.


Blank Review Assignments from Term 1:

       Tranformations (others for this term are copyrighted)   

Blank Review Assignments fromTerm 2:

       Trig Functions:  A      B       C

       Trig Identities:   Proof             Equations

       Cumulative Review


Blank Review Assignments from Term 3:

        Logarithms and Exponentials

        MART (math & art) summative criteria (window to submit for 2016 closes April 18)

        Rational Functions and Operations with Functions



For sample questions key click here.


Keys for the six 'Review for Final Exam' packages:

transform        poly        trig functions               trig ID and equations                     logs/exp                 rad/rat   


Copies of the reviews:

transf.           poly.          trig fn          trig Id             log/exp      rat/comp/ops on fn's



Key for opening graph review