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Marks Link Ms O'Dell

Dec 8-13

Tutorial for Mrs. O'Dell: Science

Mr Miller/AW 11/Quiz Wed 8.5-8.7  TEST December 19

Mr Ward? Sc Tech 11/ assigned essay on Global warming/climate change/Kyoto accord

10 points pro and con for both scientific and political points/ handwritten own conclusion--due Wednesday

Mr Knodel/AW10/ assigned 3.2 converting measurements


Dec 2-6

Tutorial for Mrs O'Dell: English

Mr Butler/Sc 9/ Astronomy Projects--in-class work Presentations in the new year/Sudent or group specific research

Ms Proznick/Sc10/ 2-1/ Physics exam Dec 19

Ms Foy/En 8/ journals 1-4 good copy due Tuesday, make connections, prediction, use quotes, write in blue or black ink or word-process, one full hand written

Mr Martens/Math 8/ quiz today, assigned Chapter 5 review, practice test next day, review surface area

Mr Knodel/AW10/ 2-1/assigned 2.1 systems measurement and vocab sheet

Ms Kerr/Sc 10/ 1-2/ catch-up block 

Mr Miller/AW Math 11/ assigned 8.6

Ms Foy/En 8/ 1-3/ Expository paragraph in class, read 3rd section for lit circle, Journal 3 part 1 short summary, what you thought, felt, connected with during reading

Ms Hoodikoff/SS 11/ choose your project/ library time Dec 2 and 4--class time given to get LOTS of notes

In class websites and books must be logged, see sheet given to fill out---DEC 16 due date--everything must be handed in 

Mr Martens/Ma 8/ assigned 5-3 text and 5-4 study guide 

Quiz next class

Nov 25-29

Tutorial for Ms O'Dell: Math

Ms Proznick/Sc 10/ complete Pg 375, questions 7-16

Mr Butler/Sc9/ group projects for the Space unit, Space Exploration project, gather info and prepare to teach the class, presentations will be in the new year

Mr Martens/Ma 8/ 5.3 notebook assigned

Ms Foy/En 8/ Journal 2 part 2 due , read next selection for Wednesday

Ms Kerr/Sc 10/ Salt booklet due, organic chemistry booklet assigned, Cpt 5 review pg 252 questions: 1,5,6,9,10,11,13,14,15, 17-22

Mr Miller/AW Ma11/ 1-1/8.3 quiz--last chance to rewrite Cpt 1 test

Ms Kerr/Sc 10/1-2/ Name the acids worksheet--due next class

Ms Foy/En 8/1-3/ assigned reading and journal 2

Mr Martens/Ma 8/1-4/ assigned 5.2 text and lesson 

Nov 18-22

Tutorial for Ms O'Dell: Socials

Mr miller/AW Ma 11/Quiz 8.1-3, assigned 8.3

Mr Knodel/AW Ma 10/quiz /Assigned unit 2.4 and pratice test/unit 2 test Tuesday

Mr Butler/Sc 9/ Chemistry Test Monday Nov 25/ study classnotes 1-40/Vocab 1-55

Ms Proznick/Sc 10/ 2-4/Handout: Calculating Average Velocity-due next class

Ms Fast/En 8/ Marks cutoff-Friday , 3pm

Ms Kerr/Sc 10/1-2/Test Thursday

Mr Miller/AWMa 11/1-1/assigned 8.2/ Many students need to rewrite Cpt 1 test-all corrections must be done before rewrite

Ms Foy/En 8/1-3/Lit Circles Project started/Keep reading

Mr Butler /Sc 9/1-4/Chemistry test Monday November 25/Hand outs pages 1-40/Vocab words 1-54

Mr Kitteringham/Sc9/1-3/Homework folder due Nov 25/Quiz on Mitosis and Asexual reproduction coming soon