WGSS Bike Club

Purpose of the Club:

  • Encourage participation in the sport of Mountain Biking.
  • Help students improve their bike handling skills.
  • Introduce students to others with similar interests.
  • Introduce students to a variety of riding areas.
  • Encourage student involvement in the community through volunteer 
    activities such as trail maintenance and development.
  • Have fun.

 Things to Know:

    • We rely on parent volunteer drivers.  To help drive you must have signed a parental driving authorization form and submitted a copy of your driver’s license & insurance. 
    •         To obtain a parental driving authorization form, click:   here
    • Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to join us on any ride.  Who knows, you just might find you enjoy it as much as your kids do.
    • Students MUST wear a properly fitted helmet at all times.  In addition, we encourage the use of safety equipment such as body armor, gloves, etc.
    • Students participating in downhill or more hazardous rides must wear a ‘full faced’ helmet and must have body armor. 
    • All rides currently leave from Velocity Cycles (96th. & 201st.)    Please try and arrive about 1/2 hour earlier so we can arrange rides & transportation for the bikes.  Saturday rides leave at 10:00 AM, Sunday rides generally leave at noon.
    • Rides return to Tim Horton’s on 200th. & 86th.  (Happy Face Mall)
    • Mr. S. Wilson will lead the more hazardous ‘downhill rides.’
    • The club does have some 'loaner' bikes for students who do not own one (Courtesy of the P.A.C.) . 
    •  We do ask for a $20.00 donation for those registering with the club - this is not a fee that must be paid - it is a donation to help offset the cost of maintaining the loaner bikes, the trailer, radios, medical supplies etc. used by the club during rides. 
    • Before a student rides with the club,  parents must sign an authorization and waiver form stating that they understand the risks involved (see note below) and giving permission for staff to authorize treatment in the event of any injuries.

Parents need to understand that students will NOT be riding under the direct supervision of adults.  Each rider must decide if a particular area or obstacle is within their ability or not.  Mountain biking is a high risk sport.  The degree of risk can vary, depending on the terrain, condition and skill of a particular rider, weather, natural and man-made obstacles, and other riders / vehicles in the area.  

     To download a permission/waiver form, click (here).

     To download a medical form, click (here).

Do not rely on your teen to ensure his/ her bike is in safe working condition.  Have it checked regularly by one of the local bike shops.  

  Some final tips:

1. Put your child's name & an emergency phone # inside their helmet.

2,  Engrave your driver's license number onto the bike.

3.  Dress for the weather (we go rain or shine).  A change of clothes is always a good idea (as is a bag to put wet/muddy clothes into).

4.  Always always bring water and a snack.

The current schedule can be picked up from Mr. Simpson in room #123.

READ YOUR EMAIL & / or check the website - the schedule may be altered due to weather or other scheduling conflicts.



Mr. Simpson: 

Mr. Wilson:  stwilson@sd35.bc.ca