WGSS - Grade 8

Grade 8 Counsellor and Grade 9 (R-Z)  - Ms Andrea Ruffo

Ms Ruffo may be reached by telephone at 604-882-0220 (local 236) or by email at aruffo@sd35.bc.ca





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Course planning for next year is happening in February and March!
The Grade 9  Counsellor will be coming around to your Grade 8 English or Humanities classes to talk about course planning for next year.
  • Think about your future plans and what you may like to do when you graduate from school.
  • Look at your marks in various classes this year and use this information to choose your courses.
  • Look at what you enjoy, have an interest or talent in, are curious about, or may need for future career options.
  • Do not choose courses based just on what your friends are taking! Choose courses for yourself.
  • Think about the courses you plan to take based on all of this information and then go and discuss it with your parents. Together fill out your registration form and have them sign it.
  • Bring your signed form back on the due date so you can register for your courses. The Counsellor will have given you a due date for registration forms to be brought back to your English/Humanities class. If you are not sure of your due date, come and ask us in the Counselling office.
Please respect the deadlines for forms to be in. If you are late with your forms, you may be put on a wait list!
Questions? Come and talk to a School Counsellor.