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Grade 8 Counsellor  - Ms Andrea Ruffo

Ms Ruffo may be reached by telephone at 604-882-0220 (local 238) or by email at




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 All core courses run for a full year - all 3 terms (for more information check the Junior Course Guide)

1.) English 8 or English 8H - Honours class entrance on referral from Grade 7 teacher & WGSS department approval only.  Contact Ms Gibson 

Click here for the English 8H Parent Information Letter.

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2.) Social Studies 8

or 1.) & 2.) Humanities 8 - (English /Social Studies Integrated program) Humanities is a combination class which covers the English8 and Social Studies 8 curriculum in a different way. Students will use hands on projects, group projects, research and role playing to study both the English & Social Studies curriculum in an integrated manner.  One teacher covers both subjects in two blocks of time.

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Which subject should you take?  Click here for some information on Humanities vs English and Social Studies.

3.) Science 8 

4.) Math 8 or Math 9 (Math 9 - Accelerating directly into the Math 9 course is based upon performance on the WGSS Math 8 Challenge Exam and Grade 7 teacher recommendations. For more information please check the Junior Travel Guide.  Contact E. Balzarini at local 561 or if you have further questions.

Click here for more information and for the Math 8 Challenge Application Form.

Taking Math 9 in Grade 8 ... Things to know about the TEST ... 

  • The test is a general problem-solving test involving concepts seen in grade 7 (and other years of elementary math).
  • The test in NOT a grade 8 "FINAL EXAM".
  • There are about 20 multiple choice questions and four written solution problems.
  • It matters more how a student communicates his/her thinking and method than then actual final answer.
  • The best practice would be past Gauss Mathematics contests from the University of Waterloo ... access the link below or google "past Gauss Math contests".


Another Option


1.) & 2.) & 3.) & 4.) Gator Pod 8  All 4 academic courses - English 8, Social Studies 8, Science 8 & Math 8.  This option is for students who have inquiring minds, like to work in groups, and use technology.

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5.) Physical Education 8 Boys or PE Girls Class


6.) French 8


*7.) Electives-3 units (Either one 3-unit course running all year such as Art 8, Band 8, Vocal Studies 8 or three 1-unit courses which change in each term.)


*8.) Electives-3 units (Three 1-unit courses which change in each term.)

See the Junior Course Planning Guide for descriptions of all the elective courses that are available for grade 8 students to choose from. Please note that all students in grade 8 must take at least one "Fine Arts" elective course as well as some "Applied Skills" elective courses, for a total of 6 units of elective time.

French Immersion Program for Grade 8
1.) English 8 / or English 8 Honours
2.) Francais Langue - (French Language Class)
3.) Sciences Humaines 8 - (Social Studies in French)
4.) Sciences 8 - (Science 8 in French)
5.) Math 8 (In English) or Math 9 (Accelerated class - see qualification note in Junior Travel Guide page 21)
6.) Education Physique 8 (Physical Education in French - mixed boys & girls class)
*7.) & 8.) Electives - 6 units worth

See the Junior Course Planning Guide for information on courses specific to the French Immersion program.

Elective courses which are available to Grade 8 students:

Applied Skills:   

(each course will run for 1 term only - each worth 1 unit)

Drafting 8 / Electronics 8 / Metalwork 8 / Woodwork 8 / Technology 8 / Clothing & Textiles 8 / Foods & Nutrition 8 / Computer Studies 8

Fine Arts: (run 1 term only - each worth 1 unit) - Art Survey 8 / Drama Survey 8

Full Year Fine Arts: Art 8 / Band 8 / Vocal Studies 8 - (each worth 3 units)

Co-Curricular: (before or after school)

Instrumental Music:Jazz Band 8 (must be registered in regular Band 8 to qualify)

Drumline 8

Choral Music: Concert Choir 8

STSS-Student Support Services:
STSS is a class specifically designed for students who need Learning Assistance or Resource Support. The STSS class can be placed in the Block of time where a student might normally have a French Block or an Elective Block.  To qualify for a "Student Support Services" block of time for learning support, students must be recommended by their grade 7 teachers and/or meet the qualifications of the WGSS Resource Department.  Contact Resource Department Head, Ms Patsy O'Dell for more information via email



Each Elementary School in our catchment area will have visits from WGSS Counsellors & other staff who will cover information about the grade 8 courses. Students who attend the Elementary Schools that are assigned to WGSS will receive a copy of the Junior Course Planning Guide when the WGSS Counsellor visits their elementary school. Registration forms will be handed out on the second visit to their school by the WGSS Counsellor.

It is very important that all students respect their specific deadlines for bringing their completed registration forms back. Please Note:  All completed course registration forms must be back to the school for the last scheduled visit.  As these completed forms must be available for the booked times for online course registration, any students who arrive without their completed forms will not be officially registered. They must then make other arrangements to come in to see one of the Counsellors at WGSS to arrange for registration.  (All registration forms must have a parent signature to be processed.)

Please be advised that any students who bring in late registration forms may risk being be put on a wait list!

A copy of the Junior Course Guide is on our main website. Should you have more questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Counselling staff at WGSS.
(See contact list on this website for more information.)