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Staff Infection 2015 Floor Hockey Champions inlcude

Mr.Kitteringham, Mr. Trattle, Mr. Favaro, Mr. Kozlovic, Mr. Knodel, Mr.Keen, Ms.Granger, Ms.Smith, Mr.Balzarini, Mr.Peters, Mr. Stead, Mr. Colussi

The staff infection destroyed the Valley Westhawks 4-1 in the Floor Hockey Finals on Monday. Mr. Kozlovic had a very strong performance scoring 2 goals in the game. Stead led the league in penalties providing opponents with more than 4 penalty shoots, including one in the final. Mr Balzarini had a phenomenmal performance in net throughout the entire tournament. The Westhawks' only goal came in a controversial fashion with a questionable high stick non call, which had the officials meeting for close to a minute as the staff and fans buzzed.  A special thank you to McDonald's Canada for providing the winners with value meal gift certificates.


Valley Westhawks-2015 runner up


Jordan R.-Runner up 2015 Shootout/1 on 1 Challenge,  Mr. Peters 2015 Champ! 



First Round Action

As the first week of floor hockey comes to an end, the exitement and Gator Spirit seems to becoming increasingly present. During the first game, the savage Doosee Pstroiers took on the almighty Thrashers in a close intense Battle.  In the last minutes of regulation time, the Doosy Pstroiers amped up their work ethic and took home the win with a score of 7-5.  The second game of the tournament was fiercly fought by both the Sunnyvale Samsquatches and the Valley-West Hawks.  Although both sides put in their best efforts, Valley-West Hawks pulled through with an 8-3 victory.  On Wedsnesday in the small gym, a close game between Dat Phyke and "No Name" prevailed a score of 2-1 in favor of Dat Phyke.  In the most recent game between Staff Infection and Wheelin Nailers, the Staff Infection pulled through with a suprising 7-2 lead over the students. 


Jordan Roberge

Tal Kazakov


Downtown Cory Brown


Kyle Moree

Casper Mirek


Updated Draw as of Feb 12 th 2015

Monday Feb. 16th- Doosee Pstroires vs Thrashers

Wednesday Feb 18th- Staff Infection vs Valley Westhawks

MondayFeb.23rd- Wheelin Nailers vs Dhat Pyke



Teams must have matching jerseys

All games are 4 vs. 4

Every penalty is a penalty shot

Each game has 1 referee and 1 scorekeeper

Overtime will be determined by a shootout

No wooden ended sticks

No slap shots above the waist

No physcial fighting or pushing from behind

2015 Floor Hockey intermurals Roster

Sunnyvile Samsquaches



B DvD 

Justin Lecuyer

Shane Pereiira

Connor Borrowdale

Sheldon Baker 

Dean Qawasmi

Wheelen Nailers


Jake F

Bennet. W


Nate. L

David. K

Thomas. P

Clayton. P

Brady. M

Valley Westhawks 


Casper Mirek

Trey Lyons

Wyatt Micks

Blake Wright

Brennan Jungling

Kyle Morce 

Cole Macewan 

Bailey Edwards 



Nick Bates

Dylan McBrite

Brad Ewing 

Matt Palmer

Matt Green 

Nick Grant 

Trevor punia

Yuhj ae boo

'No Name


Ryan Eberts 

Raven Johal 

Christion Balcita

Matthew Yee

Hunter Ross

Jermey Stubitsch


Dossee Pstroiers


Jordan Roberge

Alex Wilkinson

Mitch Downey 

Dalton Hayes 

Baylee Wright 

Nick Geyer 

Ethan Kano 

Dat Phyke


Andrew Mckay

Hamish Mckay 

Bryce Derton 

Seab Donnely 

Trevour. S

Even Locke

Austin Calla 

Staff Infection



Mr. Trattle

Mr. Favoro

Mr. Kozlovic

Mr. Knodel






Mr. Sted 


The 2014 floor hockey champions were J-Mo and the Boys. This team showed great determination and heart. Their star player Aaron"pretty boy" Markin had an unreal game. His stick handling skills are simply unreal. They won 3-1 and won through a hard fought battle with the constant chirping and tactics of Mr Stead and the Staff Infection. The boys had a couple injured players but they still pulled with the W. This game was very heated and a back and forth type game. Kalem "big mouth" Krenn and Mr Favaro got into a verbal battle and heated words were exchanged; it was more intense than a canucks game.  Arie Osterby was the bruiser, imposing his muscle on the other team. Trevor Hill and Colby Fleming showed impressive moves and speed. Kyle "Patrick Roy" Starineiri was incredible in Goal. Jmo was the best looking guy on the floor, he made some great passes and several unreal plays.  Certainly last but not least Bailey "best dressed" Parsons made up for his lack of weight with great stick handling and nice passes. His skill is great and James Humble led his team to a victory.