The 2014 floor hockey champions were J-Mo and the Boys. This team showed great determination and heart. Their star player Aaron"pretty boy" Markin had an unreal game. His stick handling skills are simply unreal. They won 3-1 and won through a hard fought battle with the constant chirping and tactics of Mr Stead and the Staff Infection. The boys had a couple injured players but they still pulled with the W. This game was very heated and a back and forth type game. Kalem "big mouth" Krenn and Mr Favaro got into a verbal battle and heated words were exchanged; it was more intense than a canucks game.  Arie Osterby was the bruiser, imposing his muscle on the other team. Trevor Hill and Colby Fleming showed impressive moves and speed. Kyle "Patrick Roy" Starineiri was incredible in Goal. Jmo was the best looking guy on the floor, he made some great passes and several unreal plays.  Certainly last but not least Bailey "best dressed" Parsons made up for his lack of weight with great stick handling and nice passes. His skill is great and James Humble led his team to a victory.