Bonjour!  Are you practicing the "avoir"song?

Sing along!

Don't forget to practise your conversations every night!!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Bienvenue à la classe de Madame Bottoni!


Evaluation and Assessment:

  • Marks are posted or discussed with each student once a month with missing work noted.  Once a term, students will write a progress report that will be shown and signed by their parents.
  • Some of the student grade will be formative:  homework and class work
  • Some of the student grade will be summative: It will include a wide variety of assessment instruments including,:  paragraph writing, test and quizzes, visual and written projects, oral assignments, performance/role plays.  Most often, assessments and evaluations will be criterion-referenced, i.e. students will know in advance the basis upon which their work will be marked.

Each term is worth 25% of the overall year.  The final exam is worth 25% of the overall year


Sometimes we will learn vocabulary from a game on a website called Digital Dialects.  Here is the link

The 7 Virtues of a Great Person! Do you have them!?!?!

Name:_______________________________  Block:____________

1. Empathy- Being understanding of others

2. Concience- Sense of morality, making good decisions, choosing to behave properly

3. Self Control- Calm, being silent when others speak, paying attention, staying seated

4. Respect- Leaving your electronics ( ie. cell phone) in your locker, leaving food and drinks in your locker, except water, and being silent upon entering when you are late

5. Kindness-  Helping others in the class, smiling

6. Tolerence- Being patient with others and yourself

7. Fairness- Treating everyone the same way

Other observations:  homework, reviewing/studying,



Block 1-1 has already found a great app for French Games called Learn French- MindSnacks.  Sign in as  Password: 8919 Grove. 

If you finish your work early you can play this on your phone or ask me for the ipad : )

Online help!

Please bring your smart phone to class to use the following sites.  If you do not have a smartphone, we supply dictionaries. Smartphones may be kept on your desk.  Please silence phones.  No texting please.

Students are encouraged to use the following online dictionnary in and outside of class:

In-class participation:

This is an essential part of the learning process.  Willingness to answer questions, work with your partner and contribute in a positive way is expected of all students. 


  • Students are expected to maintain an organized binder and agenda.
  • Be prepared for every class with your binder, paper, a 4 colour pen, a highlighter and an agenda.
  • Be on time.  If late, come in quietly, sit down and join in on the activity.
  • Gum, candy, food and soft drinks are not allowed.  Water bottles are welcome.
  • If absent, email or see Madame to find out what was missed.
  • Check out Madame’s website.  Go to WGSS home page, teacher’s websites, languages, Ms. Bottoni, and French 8 .
  • My email:


Here is a fabulous website to start learning and to practise vocabulary and pronunciation.  Please open with Firefox or Google Chrome.  You will need Adobe Flashplayer and speakers.