Oct. 7:  Don't forget to finish your rough copy for the debate!

Welcome to Madame Bottoni's website. 

Online help!

Please bring your smart phone to class to use the following sites.  If you do not have a smartphone, we supply dictionaries and Bescherelles.  Smartphones may be kept on your desk. Please silence phones.  No texting please.

Students are encouraged to use the following online dictionnary in and outside of class: www.wordreference.com

We also encourage the use of a grammar and spell check site called lebonpatron.com

Please use leconjugeur.com to conjugate verbs properly.

 At http://membres.lycos.fr/clo7/grammaire/idiomes.htm  you will find a list of useful idiomatic expressions and proverbs in French!

Use conjuguemos.com to practise verb conjugation.

The seven virtues of a great person!

Let's work on these this year !

1. Empathy- Being understanding of others

2. Concience- Sense of morality, making good decisions, choosing to behave properly

3. Self Control- Calm, being silent when others speak, paying attention, staying seated

4. Respect-Using PCs when appropriate, leaving food and drinks in your locker, except water, and being silent upon entering when you are late

5. Kindness-  Helping others in the class, smiling

6. Tolerence- Being patient with others and yourself

7. Fairness- Treating everyone the same way

Other observations:  homework, reviewing/studying,

A website to help improve verb conjugation!  Great exercises.  Cut and paste link below into browser.


Ongoing Homework for Français Langue 9 :

At least three times a week students should listen to French radio (CBC or satellite) or watch French t.v   for 15-30 minutes.   Apart from the assigned reading in Humanités 9, students should be reading in French 3 times a week as well .  Our library has a wide selection of reading materials.

What kind of homework can you expect?

Students can expect a quiz once a week or once every two weeks to ensure that they are committing new vocab and grammar to memory.

Each month students will discuss their progress with me.  They will write progress reports and bring them home for discussion and signatures.    If a student is earning C- or lower,  he/she should see me after school Monday- Thursday  to rewrite an assignment or test. 

I will send a report card home with students once a month if he/she is earning C- or lower.  I will email or call home as well.  Please be sure that the school has your current email and phone number : )

En français s’il vous plaît!

 It is imperative that students speak in the target language in order to practice and improve their language skills.  Students must do their best to speak to each other and the teacher in French during their one hour class.  This evaluation will be worth 10% of the overall grade for each term