Mrs. Fast's English 8 Page

This page has been created to help keep students and parents informed about what is happening in Mrs. Fast's English 8 class. Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Fast at or



There are 10 weeks of classes left in the school year. Students have two units left: Mythology and The Outsiders. Third term is weighted the heaviest and the final exam is worth 20%, leaving students with many opportunities to improve their current standings. 



THIS WEEK (April 7-11):

Monday ~ (2-1) H/W Check: "The Wrath of Achilles" questions, hand in formal paragraph, introduction to creative god/dess assignment (completely in-class); (2-4) Last class to work on creation myth 

Wednesday ~ (2-3) Hand in creation myth, introduction to the Olympians (powerpoint), short myths outlining each god/desses' most famous role; (2-1) Class #2 of in-class creative assignment

Friday ~ (2-1) Class #3 of in-class creative assignment (complete rough draft and begin editing process for formal multi-paragraph); (2-3) Complete knowledge and comp questions for "The Olympians", silent reading, last class to work on grammar alphabet book


WEEK (March 31-April 4th):

Tuesday ~ (2-1) Students read "The Olympians" and complete vocabulary and questions; (2-3) Students begin work on their creation myths - graphic organizers and rough copy (in-class assignment), silent reading, reading response, time to work Grammar Alphabet Book

Thursday ~ 



WEEK (March 10-14):

Monday ~ (2-3) Complete good copy of non-fiction story (in-class assignment); (2-1) Time to work on creation myth, silent reading, reading response, introduction to grammar alphabet book assignment.

Wednesday ~ (2-1) Last class to work on creation myth plus illustration; (2-3) Intro to mythology: notes, Canadian Creation Myths (group activity)

Friday ~ (2-3) Complete Canadian Creation myths activity, discuss, characteristics of a creation myth (list on board), start brainstorming ideas for creating your own myth; (2-1) Hand in creation myth, introduction to Greek Olympians (powerpoint plus handout), read "The Olympians", begin to complete questions