Mrs. Fast's English 8 Page

This page has been created to help keep students and parents informed about what is happening in Mrs. Fast's English 8 class. Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Fast at or


THIS WEEK (April 22-25):

Wednesday ~ (2-3) Hand in "Wrath of Achilles" questions and formal paragraph, Intro to Create-a-god/dess in-class assignment (detailed web); (2-1) Create-a-god/dess (finish good copy of multi-paragraph, start rough copy for story)

Friday ~ (2-1) Create-a-god/dess assignment (working on story); (2-3) Hand in grammar alphabet book, Create-a-god/dess assignment (complete web, work on outline, mini-lesson on topic sentences and transitional sentences)



WEEK (April 14-17):

Tuesday ~ (2-3) H/W Check: "The Olympians" vocabulary and questions, introduction to the myth of Achilles "The Wrath of Achilles", read story, work on questions and formal paragraph; (2-1) Create-a-god assignment: rough copy of multi-paragraph, self/peer edit, start good copy, silent reading, reading response, grammar alphabet book

Thursday ~ (2-1) and (2-3) Presentation about Graphic Novels by Gail de Vos in library


WEEK (April 7-11):

Monday ~ (2-1) H/W Check: "The Wrath of Achilles" questions, hand in formal paragraph, introduction to creative god/dess assignment (completely in-class); (2-4) Last class to work on creation myth 

Wednesday ~ (2-3) Hand in creation myth, introduction to the Olympians (powerpoint), short myths outlining each god/desses' most famous role; (2-1) Class #2 of in-class creative assignment

Friday ~ (2-1) Class #3 of in-class creative assignment (complete rough draft and begin editing process for formal multi-paragraph); (2-3) Complete knowledge and comp questions for "The Olympians", silent reading, last class to work on grammar alphabet book