Mrs. Fast's English 12 Page

This page has been created to keep parents and students informed about Mrs. Fast's English 12 class. Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Fast at or



Commencements: Ticket forms have been distributed to students and must be filled out and handed in to the office by April 25th

Dinner and Dance: Forms and money (for the entire table) are due to the office by May 14th


THIS WEEK (April 7-11):

Monday ~ (2-2) H/W Check: Section 1 questions, prep for in-class characterization assignment on Wednesday; (2-4) Same as 2-2 plus silent reading, My Utopia Assignment

Wednesday ~ (2-4) In-class characterization; (2-2) Same as 2-4 plus silent reading, My Utopia project

Friday ~ (2-2) Notes on Goldstein's theory (to help with the reading of the next section), read to end of Section 2; (2-4) Same as 2-2 plus completion of grad stage write-up


WEEK (March 31-April 4):

Tuesday ~ (2-2) Quiz on first section of novel, doublespeak activity, read to end of chapter 8; (2-4) Same as 2-2

Thursday ~ (2-4) Mr. Kozlovic re: grad, Section I questions; (2-2) Same as 2-4


WEEK (March 10-14):

Monday ~ (2-4) Make sure your MTV project is complete and submitted (via email or disc), in-class essay; (2-2) Same as 2-4

Wednesday ~ (2-2) Short visit re: grad commencements, finish watching Othello movie; (2-4) Same as 2-4

Friday ~ (2-4) Introduction to 1984 by George Orwell: Anticipation Guide, background info, read to p. 50 by the end of spring break; (2-2) Same as 2-4





Block 2-2 ~ Read to end of section 2 and quiz on Tuesday, April 15th, My Utopia assignment due for Tuesday, April 15th

Block 2-4 ~ Read to end of section 2 and quiz on Tuesday, April 15th